Manderscheid Castle Festival Video Blog

I attempted a video blog (vlog) last winter when Emma and I visited the Disney Ice Sculpture exhibit in Metz, France. I thought I’d give it a go again today during our visit to the Manderscheid Burgenfest (Castle Festival). I’d love your feedback on this video. Should I keep doing vlogs? What kind of vlogs would you like to see?

Thanks for watching. I have so much fun sharing Germany with all of you. I hope you’re enjoying it too!



  1. Loved this ! You should do more videos even the everyday life would be nice to see how it is in Germany! I’m moving to another country as well soon so yeah it’s nice to see the whole thing! Adorable kids! Keep it up!!!!!

  2. Loved it! It is always good to see Germany thru the eyes of someone you know. I will never get there so it is great to see it thru you. This was really enjoyable. Plus the kids are great! Did miss Zac, but, maybe next time. Thanks for sharing!

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